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The Formula In Removing Mold From Clothes

How does a mold grow on clothes? Simple, if you have left the laundry to sit too long before washing, if the cloth is left in an airtight container, or if you throw it in the hamper when it was still wet. To add to that, a humid climate can make the mold reproduce faster. This article will give you tips on removing mold from clothes using bleach, vinegar, tea tree oil, sunlight, heat, baking soda and other mold killing detergent.

  • For mold spots on a fabric: simply mix of 2 teaspoon of salt, 1 tsp. lemon juice and make a paste then rub onto the mold spots. Let sit for a half hour. Then wash off the mixture. Dry under the sun. Direct sunlight helps kill molds and mildew. Note that this process will not only kill the mold but will also remove the stain.
  • Vinegar. Pure vinegar reportedly kills 82 percent of mold. To remove molds from cloth, pour 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar into a spray bottle, spray on the area with molds and leave soak for a few hours.  Wash as usual and the dry in the sun. You can also add ¼ cup baking soda and ½ cup white vinegar to the rinse cycle if they have odor.

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  • Tea tree oil. Prepare your mixture by adding 1 teaspoon tea tree oil to 1 cup water in a clean spray bottle. Shake to blend, and spray on mold spots. Let it sit overnight then wash as any regular cloth. This will disinfect, but the stain will still be visible. To remove the stain, use the salt and lemon formula.
  • Grapefruit seed extract. Just add 10 drops grapefruit seed extract to 1 cup water in a clean spray bottle. Shake to blend, and spray on molds. Let sit overnight and wash as usual. Let it dry under the sun shade.
  • Use bleach products. This is to disinfect the cloth and remove the stain at the same time. Instruction to use is usually found in the packet so follow the instruction carefully. Always use gloves when using bleach. Note that for colored cotton use peroxygen bleach instead, at a rate of 2 tbsp. per pint of water. If cotton is white you can use liquid laundry bleach.
  • For a pile of mildewed clothes or covers, start a prewash cycle in your machine. Then let the tub fill with cold water, add ¼ cup baking soda, and any of the following to be combined with baking soda: ½ cup vinegar, 2 teaspoon Tea tree oil, 2 teaspoon grape seed extract. Start to tumble then add the pile of clothes and then turn the washer off to let them soak for about 1 hour. Line dry outside or run a hot cycle in the dryer.

Since molds can easily grow on clothes and fabric if you have too much moisture in your home, it is important to hang dry clothes before storing. Removing mold from clothes immediately can save you from health symptoms it can cause like skin rash, relentless sneezing and even sore eyes. Don’t make the symptoms worse by removing immediately the molds and mildew from your precious fabrics.

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