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How Much does Mold Removal Cost?

For someone with a mold problem, getting rid of it should be a priority, especially when black mold exists. This and other mold types are extremely dangerous so even on a small scale, proper removal is essential. The average mold removal cost would be broken down into two categories to include professional remediation and do-it-yourself solution. Because there is a significant difference between the two, we wanted to offer insight into what a person would expect to pay to have mold removed.

Professional Remediation

If a person has a problem with black mold or the area of mold is large, it would be highly recommended to hire a professional. Although the mold removal cost would be higher than removing the mold using commercial products or home remedies, it would be a worthwhile investment.

Of course, the exact cost a person would pay depends on various factors to include the following:

  • Type of mold
  • Severity of the problem
  • Size of the are impacted
  • Geographic location
  • Whether the professional works for a company, and if so which one, or is self-employed
  • If prior treatments had failed
  • The type and number of areas within the home or business affected (walls, floors, ceilings, crawl spaces, basements, attics, basement, attic, etc.)
  • Exact remedy used
  • If the individual has a large water problem as well

All of these factors would play a role in the actual mold removal cost although there could be others. Remember, once a person has a mold infestation, it can be costly to correct. Now, while there are a few insurance companies that will pay the mold removal cost, most often any expense would solely be the home or business owner’s responsibility.

On average, mold removal cost for a homeowner would be anywhere from $2,500 to $3,500 while for a business owner, slightly higher. As part of this price, the professional would provide an inspection, take samples and submit them to an appropriate laboratory for testing, the actual removal process, and any necessary clean-up. In addition, any protective attire, supplies, or equipment would be included.

One important thing for a person to know is that when hiring a professional, along with paying the mold removal cost, the home or business would be disrupted. Although this would only be temporary, the area with the mold problem would need to be sealed off, air ducts closed off, and other things completed to isolate the mold spores, keeping anyone in the home or business safe, as well as the person performing remediation.

Keep in mind that the mold removal cost would not include any repairs needed to a water problem. In fact, for sewer backups, leaking air conditioning units, a leaking roof, and so on would need to be repaired by a different professional and at an additional cost. While the average mold removal cost is somewhat heft for an annoying problem such as this, considering how dangerous certain types of molds can be and the destruction they all cause, it is a worthwhile investment.

Do-it-Yourself Removal

The second option would be removal of the mold as a do-it-yourself project. In this case, the home or business owner would handle the entire process, unless a serious water problem also had to be fixed at which time the appropriate professional would be hired. Before offering information about expense, we wanted to offer some very important tips.

For one thing, even if it cost more it would be important that only the highest quality product be purchased. There are some commercial products that contain harsh chemicals and while this is certainly one option, there would be very specific precautions that must be taken. Using these products, an individual would need to wear long sleeves and pants, heavy-duty gloves, face protection, and a respiratory mask.

Another possibility would be choosing a commercial product with less harsh ingredients or perhaps one made with only organic or natural ingredients. In fact, this has become the most popular option in that these products work great and pose no risk to the person performing the cleanup. The only downside is that in many cases, mold removal cost would be slightly higher since organic and natural products tend to have a higher price tag.

Then of course a number of home remedies would also be available. The most popular include white wine vinegar and bleach. Both of these substances have been proven effective and safe although they do leave behind an unpleasant odor. In addition, these do not kill black mold so for this, a commercial product is recommended.

Again, there would be multiple factors that would determine overall mold removal cost when getting rid of mold without aid of a professional but on average, a person would expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $1,000. Of course, this would be for the product or ingredients used and not any protective wear and gear needed for the job.

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