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Mold Removal Techniques

As a homeowner, you are responsible for making your home as safe as it possibly can be. You need to be assured that the environment inside your home is free of harmful substances that potentially can be inhaled by you, your family, your pets and visitors. That is why it is so important to eliminate any mold that has built up on surfaces within your home. There are many different ways to prevent mold. But, if it is present, mold removal techniques are something that you need to know.

If you have found mold in your home, there are some steps that you can take to get rid of it. Minor mold buildups can easily be removed with ordinary household cleaners. Be sure to wear a mask while removing the mold because inhaling mold is unhealthy, especially if you have allergies or a weak immune system. Major mold buildups might require you to hire an outside professional to eliminate it. Just remember that mold can return anywhere that there is moisture in your home. If you are doing the job yourself, take precautions such as ventilating your home well, allowing sunshine to penetrate your home and eliminating moisture sources. Following these simple steps will help to prevent mold spores from multiplying.

However, if you have mold in your home, try using 1 cup of bleach and 8 cups of water and a scrub brush to eliminate it. Be advised that both the cleaning solution and the mold itself should not be inhaled. In addition, wear old clothes during the mold removal process because your clothes will likely be damaged in some way. Also, wear gloves and goggles in addition to your face mask. And, have a fan going at all times to help ventilate the room during the cleaning process. Remember that the fan blades will collect some of the mold spores and also need to be cleaned after the job is done. If you have to remove carpet and tile, put it in a sealed garbage bag and dispose of it immediately.

Once you have finished scrubbing the moldy surfaces, allow the bleach solution to penetrate the area until it is dry. Use a wet-dry vacuum cleaner to pick up any debris. Afterwards, dispose of its filter and thoroughly clean the tank, hose and all attachments.

Mold removal is essential and must be done in order for your home to be a healthy place in which to live. Although a small amount of mold is nothing to be concerned about, large accumulations are dangerous. Take the time to explore ways to prevent mold from building up within you home. And, if you already have mold – Start the cleanup process immediately.

Mold Removal

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